iPhone 5C Repairs

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Choose your repairs, checkout online then send us your device. We do not sell parts on their own.

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How do repairs work?

Step 1

Select your device and add the required repairs to your basket. Checkout as normal using your preferred payment method (Credit or Debit Card, PayPal, Klarna, Clearpay, Laybuy, Apple Pay etc).

Choose 'Repair Return Service' for nationwide postal repairs or 'Pickup In-Store' if you're local to us and dropping it in.

Step 2

You'll receive a confirmation email with a link to download your optional Collect+ Label or Barcode.

  • Option 1: Use the prepaid label to send your device to us, delivery can take 3-5 working days after you drop off at a Collect+ drop-off to get to us
  • Option 2: Use your own faster courier if you're in a hurry - send your device to Phone Bar, 232 Ashby High Street Scunthorpe DN16 2SJ
  • Option 3: Drop off your device once we notify you the parts are ready for the repair (Most Apple parts & Samsung screens are available the same day, we'll confirm once you've placed the order)

Step 3

We'll repair your device the day we receive it (subject to stock availability) and send it back to you with Royal Mail Special Delivery (insured and tracked). We'll send you a text or email once we're sending it back to you for peace of mind.

That's it - no need to worry about anything, we'll fix your device and get it looking shiny and new.

Prepare iPhone for Service

If you're visiting us for a genuine Apple repair you will need to prepare your device for Apple service.

Follow these steps before you bring your device to us for a repair. If your device won't turn on or respond, finish as many steps as possible:

  1. Back up your iOS device.
  2. Have your Apple ID password ready. For some repairs, you'll need your Apple ID password to erase your device and turn off Find My iPhone.*
  3. If your iPhone needs battery service, have the battery percentage at 30% or less when you bring it in, if possible.

* If you're unable to turn off Find My iPhone, we may not be able to service your device. This policy is in force to prevent unauthorised persons from servicing your device without your knowledge. If you can't remember your Apple ID and Password, please go to iForgot.

Fixes in a flash.

iPhone 5C Repairs with Apple Diagnostics

How does it work?

Nationwide, Repairs by Post

It's so easy! Just checkout online, then send your device to us. Use a tracked service for peace of mind.

We'll repair it the day we receive it and send it back.

"Fix my iPhone 5C"

How long do iPhone 5C repairs take?

Most repairs on the iPhone 5C can be performed the same day you bring it in, or the day we receive it (subject to stock availability). We understand you'll want your device back in no-time, and in tip-top condition.

Apple Certified Repair Technicians

Our team are Apple Certified - we use Apple tools, diagnostics & processes to make sure repairs are done safely and reliably. You will not lose access to any phone features with our repairs as we calibrate genuine Apple parts through Apple on the iPhone 5C.

Do you need an iPhone 5c Repair?

We fix and repair hundreds of iPhones every week. Almost all of our phones are fixed within the hour.

We always use the closest thing to original Apple parts to ensure a high quality repair service that comes with a full 12 month warranty.

Our LCD screens are original and not copies - that's why we can offer a full 12 month warranty against manufacturer defects. Please ask a member of the team for more information.

Repairs are carried out in our high tech workshop in an anti-static environment, fully insured and stored in a secure location.

If you've broken your iPhone 5c you'll want it up and running as fast as possible - that's where we come in with our 1 hour repairs as standard on this device. We don't charge extra for express service, it's included in the price.

  • LCD & Digitiser Replacement - 1 hour
  • Power, Volume, Mute and Home Buttons - 1 hour
  • Charger Port, Speakers & Microphones - 1 hour

Sometimes it is more cost efficient to have a full housing replacement which includes all buttons, battery, charger port and rear housing.

iPhone 5c Repairs

Reliable, dependable repairs.

Genuine Apple Parts for your iPhone 5C

iPhone 5C Repairs Available

  • Screen
  • Charging Port
  • Battery
  • Microphone
  • Power Button
  • Home Button
  • Volume Button
  • Mute Switch
  • Headphone Jack
  • Earpiece
  • Loudspeaker
  • Wifi
  • Front Camera
  • Rear Camera
  • Rear Casing

Screen £35.00
Charging Port £25.00
Battery £15.00
Microphone £25.00
Power Button £30.00
Home Button £15.00
Volume Button £30.00
Mute Switch £30.00
Headphone Jack £25.00
Earpiece £15.00
Loudspeaker £20.00
Wifi £20.00
Front Camera £20.00
Rear Camera £20.00
Rear Casing £59.00
Rear Casing £59.00
Rear Casing £59.00
Rear Casing £59.00
Rear Casing £59.00

Should I backup or wipe my iPhone 5C?

We would always recommend you backup your iPhone before sending it in for a repair. We'll always run post-repair diagnostics when fitting genuine Apple parts. It's not required to factory reset your iPhone 5C, if you do we'll run Apple Diagnostics before the repair to check for any other faults.

Find out how to backup your device .

Before a genuine repair you'll need to turn off Find My iPhone. You can do this in Settings on your iPhone. If your phone is no-longer working, you can turn it off at icloud.com/find .

Full instructions are sent with your order confirmation email. Please note we're unable to repair using genuine parts without turning off Find My iPhone.

Protect Your Gadget

After a repair, why not add peace of mind? TechCare insurance covers:

  • Accidental Damage
  • Theft of Device
  • Water Damage
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