Founded in 2015, Phone Bar was born out of a love for technology. Starting with the iPhone 4 & iPhone 4s handset we began offering repair services and help with using the devices. Our prices were and still are dramatically lower than the manufacturer repair prices creating huge savings for the everyday consumer. It was always our aim to provide an efficient, reliable service whilst maintaining competitive prices. With the help of our team of technicians we now offer a wide range of mobile device repairs including Apple devices, Samsung mobiles and others.

Training & Certification

Our technicians are certified and trained in-house with our own training programmes to ensure we're providing the best service possible to our  Customers. You can rest assured your data will be safe and private and your device will receive the best possible care.

100% original genuine refurbished LCDs

Our screens are refurbished, 100% genuine screens. Other stores you'll find use copy screens and lower quality LCDs to repair your device - this can lead to problems further down the line like touch issues, a higher chance of breaking the screen and more chance of the screen not working from the smallest crack or chip.

With our high quality original LCDs you can be sure the quality of the screen is exactly the same as the one that shipped on your original device.

Local Repairs & Nationwide Repairs

We fix hundreds of devices every month in-store - some of them walk-in and some of them by post. Both methods provide a fast, reliable repair service - same day in most cases. Repairs sent to us by post are repaired the same day and sent back for delivery the next working day in most cases. Whatever the fault, we're sure we can help - book a repair online now and we'll get started.

Free Help & Advice

If you just need a little technical help from us, setting up email accounts or getting back into your Apple ID - just pop in and see us. We're always willing to help if we can.