We're here to support you, however you'd like to pay. We're still accepting all of the regular payment options plus a few more to keep you even safer throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

If you would like to speak to us in private about difficulties paying, please speak to us here.

Regular Payment Options

Chip & Pin Credit or Debit Card Transactions*
Cash Transactions
PayPal In-Store Payments
BACs Bank Transfer
Accounts for Business Customers**

Buy Now, Pay Later Options


  • Pay in 3 - Pay 1/3rd today, 1/3rd in 30 days and 1/3rd in 60 days
  • Pay in 30 days - Pay nothing today, pay the balance within 30 days
    No Late Fees, Interest Free


  • Pay in 3 - Pay 1/3rd today, the rest in two payments every month on the same date
    Interest Free

*American Express is accepted online, not accepted in-store
**Please speak to a member of staff to enquire about business accounts