Mac Repairs

Whatever the issue, we're here to help. Our technicians are trained and certified to perform Apple Mac repairs using parts sourced directly from Apple. We use Apple processes and diagnostics to provide a safe & efficient repair.

MacBook Pro Repair Scunthorpe

Apple Mac Repairs

We offer a wide range of different options for Mac repairs - including Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Mini and more. Because we're uniquely positioned to offer both genuine Apple parts Mac repair and third-party repairs; we can offer you a choice of price & servicing options.

How much do Mac Repairs cost?

 Mac Repairs Genuine Apple Parts Third-Party Repair
Diagnostics Fee £39* £39*
Labour Tier 1 £49 + Parts £49 + Parts
Labour Tier 2 £99 + Parts £99 + Parts
Labour Tier 3 £149 + Parts £149 + Parts

*Diagnostics fee covers initial inspection, diagnostics & troubleshooting services - all carried out by our Apple Certified Mac Technicians. The diagnostics fee can be used towards any repairs on that device and is otherwise non-refundable.

How long will my Mac Repair take?

Most repairs are completed within 5-7 working days after we've received the device. Occasionally there may be faster or longer turnaround times depending on stock availability.

Do I pre-pay for Mac Repairs?

Nope, we won't take payment upfront for any Mac repairs as we will not know pricing or turnaround times until after we've completed a diagnostics session on that device. We'll provide you with a quote for repair (either Genuine Apple Parts or Third-Party Parts or both) and you can choose to go ahead with the repair or to cancel the repair.

The diagnostics fee is non-returnable if you choose not to go ahead with the repair.

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