iPhone Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Phone Bar for my repair?
Our repair technicians are Apple Certified iOS Technicians, trained by Apple to provide the safest and most reliable repair options. Our Apple parts are sourced directly from Apple to ensure the best quality repair. 

We have served over 20,000 different customers including personal repairs, business account customers, government repairs and local schools and academies. We have now fixed over 40,000 devices for customers nationwide.

Will I lose everything from my device?
No, we don't need to wipe the device - all of your precious data is safely stored on the device. For most repairs we don't even need to take the passcode.

What should I do before handing over my device?
Your device is in safe hands with us - however we would always recommend making a backup of your device either to your computer or to iCloud just to be safe. There is no need to wipe your device or remove any data - for most repairs we don't even need to take the passcode.

For genuine Apple repairs provided by Phone Bar for Apple - you need to disable Find My iPhone before we can proceed with the repair.

If the device is turned on, you can go to settings > iCloud (Your Name) > Find My iPhone and toggle it to 'Off'.

If the device does not turn on, you can to to icloud.com/find and login with the Apple ID and password. Clicking on 'Remove from Account' will disable the Find My iPhone lock.

How long do iPhone Repairs take?
Most repairs including Screen Replacement or Battery Replacement on this device can be completed within an hour in most cases. If an item is not stocked we will take the full balance upfront to order the parts on a next working day basis.

Do you use genuine Apple parts?
Our Apple repairs are performed using Apple diagnostics, tools and processes to make sure your repair is done safely and reliably. Repairs marked with 'Genuine Apple' are sourced directly from Apple.

Does my repair come with a warranty?
Most repairs come with a full 12 month warranty - which includes any kind of mechanical breakdown or manufacturing fault. We don't cover you for accidental damage. Our battery replacements come with a 3 month warranty.

Can you still repair my phone if I have had liquid damage?
We would need to inspect your device to asses the damage caused by the liquid. We do offer a liquid cleaning service - not a guaranteed fix, with a success rate of 80%.

Do I have to pay if you can't fix my phone?
Absolutely not - we offer a full, No Fix - No Fee service. If we cannot repair it we won't charge you for it.

Are you an Apple Authorised Service Provider?
We are accredited as an Independent Repair Provider - offering repairs with parts sourced directly from Apple; using Apple diagnostics, tools and processes to ensure your repair is done safely and reliably.

Can you repair the screen if the back is broken?
Yes - there is no need for us to fix the back of the device if you only require the screen to be replaced.

Is this the best price for this repair?
Our prices are checked weekly against the cost of the parts and the time taken to repair the device. We do not offer a price match service, we believe in keeping our customers happy and repairing devices with the highest quality parts, and as such we do not offer cheaper counterfeit repairs which can cause further problems down the line.

If I use Phone Bar, will the void my manufacturer warranty?
Repairs marked with 'Genuine Apple' are performed with parts sourced directly from Apple; using Apple diagnostics, tools and processes to ensure your repair is done safely and reliably. These repairs are documented on Apple global systems.

Like most 3rd party repair services - using our repair services will more than likely void any remaining warranty on your device. It is worth remembering that accidental damage on your device will void the manufacturer's warranty in any event - lucky for you we provide our own warranty with our repairs to ensure maximum lifetime of your device.

I only have a small crack on my screen, do I need a screen replacement?
We do offer a 'glass only' replacement service on most Apple devices - we can only offer this service once we have perfected the refurbishing process on these screens and as such, can be a number of months after the release of a device before we offer it. If the repair options above display a service for 'glass only' - this refers to us refurbishing your screen to replace the cracked glass. Your screen in this case would need to have no touch issues or coloured lines and no problems with the backlight to be able to offer this repair.

Do you offer an aftercare service?
If you have any issues or need to get in touch with us - please get in touch.