iPhone 13 FAQs

There's plenty of reasons why Phone Bar can fix your iPhone 13 series phone

Here are some frequently asked questions for the iPhone 13 range of phone repairs we offer.

Will I lose Face ID if you repair my screen?

No - we're trained by Apple and use genuine Apple parts to repair the iPhone 13 series phones. If Face ID is working when we receive your device then it will work after the repair - this is because we calibrate your device with Apple systems after the repair.

Will I lose Battery Health if your replace my battery?

No - our battery replacements for the iPhone 13 series come direct from Apple and are synced and calibrated through Apple to ensure your battery repair is completed safely and efficiently. You will still have access to all battery features of your device.

Are you approved by Apple to repair my device?

We're an Independent Repair Provider for Apple - and we have access to genuine Apple tools and genuine Apple parts. We're trained by Apple and are Apple Certified Repair Technicians. We provide our own warranties with our repairs (3 month warranty on all battery replacements and 12 month warranty on everything else).

Do you offer insurance or Apple Care?

We offer TechCare insurance after we've repaired your device for peace of mind - available from £7.99 per month to cover you against Accidental Damage, Theft & Water Damage. Please speak to a member of the team for more information.