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How do I unlock my EE device free of charge?

How do I unlock my EE device free of charge?

For the last couple of years EE have been selling their devices unlocked already. If you've had your device for a little longer, it may still be locked to the EE network. 

No matter when you bought your device, the following models are all unlocked already:

  • All Google Pixel devices
  • All Oppo devices
  • All OnePlus devices

How do I unlock my EE device?

You can easily unlock your device right now online, free of charge.

Even if you're unsure if device is unlocked already - just hit the button below to quickly check.

You'll need your device's IMEI handy - you can get this by dialling *#06# on the phone dialler screen.

Unlock Your Device

Check if your Apple phone is unlocked

Text UNLOCK to 150 to check if it's unlocked.

Does it cost anything to unlock my EE device?

Nope. There used to be a charge to unlock a device, say if it was still in contract or you were not the original owner of the devide. Now you can unlock your EE device free of charge no matter what.