Coronavirus (COVID-19) information page

Coronavirus (COVID-19) information page

We're now offering a limited repair service for essential device repairs only by appointment only.

These are extraordinary times and many of you, along with us will be worried about the implications of the recent pandemic we are confronted with.

We are constantly monitoring the gov website and the nhs website for updates to ensure we can adapt whilst providing a safe environment for our employees and our customers.

We've upped our already rigorous cleaning processes and we've made available hand sanitiser for staff and customers - along with existing access to hot water and soap to make sure we're keeping our hands clean and making our environment safer.

We have had to implement some reduced hours due to operational issues - we will keep you updated as we learn new information.

Step 1

Get in touch with us by email or through Facebook to arrange a convenient time to drop off the device (we'll confirm stock levels and repair availability at this time).

Step 2

Drop off the device (or we'll collect, depending on whereabouts you are located) - by appointment only - please do not come in a group of bring anyone else with you as they will not be granted entry.

Step 3

We'll repair the device and send you a payment link. Once repaired and paid we'll arrange a convenient time to deliver the phone back to you.

We will wipe down the device and then seal it in a secure mailbag.

We will knock on your door or ring your bell and place the device on your doorstep - and then we will move back 2m away from your door.

We will wait to make sure the door is opened and the device is collected.


In these difficult times we are doing everything we can to ensure our staff and our customers stay safe.

Following Government instructions, we do request that you stay safe, stay home.

Phone Bar Express Closure

Some of our items (such as cases, chargers & accessories) are despatched only from our Express Store inside St. John's Market which we are unable to access until further notice as the building is closed to non-essential food stores. 

We're trying to address this issue by identifying on our website which items are despatched from which store - until this time, if an item is ordered and we cannot despatch it we will notify you of our mistake and process and order cancellation.

We're sorry for any inconvenience caused.