Phonetag Multi-View Phone Stand

Colour - Silver

Enjoy the benefit of an integrated, adjustable phone stand for use at home, work or on the move.

Stand vertically for facial recognition, video calls, messaging, web-browsing or portrait-only apps e.g. Facebook, Instagram etc. Set your device to any angle between 45° to 60°.*

Turn your device horizontally for full screen video at any angle between 50° to 85°.*

*Range may vary +/- 5° based on the size of your phone and where you adhere phonetag to your device.

The integrated ring holder provides a natural way to hold your phone with just one hand for selfies, texting and browsing, and offers enhanced:

  • Comfort - relax your hand and avoid tired fingers whilst on your phone for extended periods 
  • Security - protect your phone if you are prone to accidentally dropping your device
  • Control - reach further over your screen for full coverage without straining your thumb

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