Dux Ducis Wireless Keyboard Case iPad Air 2022

Colour - Black

If you're looking for a tough and productive keyboard case for your iPad, look no further than the Dux Ducis Wireless Keyboard & Trackpad Case.

It's an iPad Case with a built-in kickstand for free-standing support - plus you can use the tilt-stand to lay the tablet down for drawing use. The keyboard can be used in laptop mode enabling you to type away as you would, and you can also use the trackpad for mouse use (now built-in to iOS for you to use as you wish). You can also separate the keyboard from the case and use it completely separate.

These different use-cases allow you to use your iPad as a gaming device in the case, office mode as a laptop or full computer mode in separate keyboard/mouse and display scenarios.

If you thought you could do a lot with your iPad before, you'll be amazed and how much more productive you can be with this case from Dux Ducis.

The smart wireless keyboard case is designed for iPad Air 5 (2022) and is also compatible with iPad Air 4, iPad Pro 11 (2018/2020/2021). Please check the model number on the back of your iPad to check compatibility.

 iPad Model Name iPad Model Number
iPad Air 4 A2072 / A2324 / A2325
iPad Air 5 A2589 / A2591
iPad Pro 11 (2018) A1934 / A1979 / A1980 / A2013
iPad Pro 11 (2020) A2068 / A2228 / A2230 / A2231
iPad Pro 11 (2021) A2301 / A2459 / A2460

We've tested this product with the following devices

iPad Air 2022 (10.9")
iPad Air 2020 (10.9")
iPad Pro 11 (2018)
iPad Pro 11 (2020)
iPad Pro 11 (2021)

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